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IMG_1134Dear Earth Angel,

When I was five years old, I rode my tricycle off of my father’s dock. The weight of the bike quickly pulled me to the bottom of what felt like a very deep lake.  In that instant I knew I was completely loved, completely safe. Though I was not a swimmer and completely surrounded by water, calm overtook me.  I could hear the angels singing as they swam in ribbons of color towards me. Soon I’d be returning home, or so I thought. Acting quickly, my cousin dove into the water and pulled me to the shore. That was the first memory I have of meeting my angels.

In this book you will find many paths for connecting with your own angels. Whether this is your first angel encounter or you have been working with angels in your life for a very long time, these fun and simple exercises will help you and your children to become better acquainted with fifteen of my favorite angels.  Follow your intuition as you follow your heart along this journey.  Angels are with you each and every minute. Learn how to hear your angels’ whisper, feel their love, and discover the signs that say, “We are here, Earth Angel to cast our love over you.”

                 With love and gratitude,


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  1. patty kogutek

    Lorie, I LOVE your website. The colors are breathtaking and bespeaks of the angels. It’s easy to use for novices like me and will provide a lot of valuable information. Glad we are working together. Blessings to you and your family. Great talking with you this morning.

    1. lorie hill

      Lol. Thanks. It’s definitely a work in progress… 🙂

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