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Angel Thinking

Angel Thinking: A Guidebook into the World of Oneness and Love

Foreword by Antje Martens-Oberwelland

Angel_ThinkingRobert Holden, Ph.D., Hay House author of Shift Happens, Happiness Now and Loveability calls,               Angel Thinking ‘enchanting.’ “It has touched me deeply.  I think it was written by an angel.”

Margaret J. Anderson, Author of In the Keep of Time trilogy, says “This special book makes a lovely read together for a parent and child.

Drawing on life experiences, Lorelei introduces young and young at heart to a host of Archangels. Bringing gifts from the spirit world they guide us through life’s joys and setbacks. Archangel Gabriel provides strength and courage.   Ariel bids us discover the gifts of Mother Earth.  Raphael eases pain, and Sandaphlon reminds us to be loving.

Angel Thinking is a guide to finding our angels using all our senses and even a box of colored pencils.  Lorelei reminds us that angels are always with us. Getting to know them helps us to better understand who we are and why we are here on earth.”

Who sounds the chimes? Who sends warm-blanket hugs? Where do happiness, bravery, and kindness come from? What are those tiny, colored lights that pass before your eyes?

Look around! That perfect white feather in the grass is a sign! That gentle butterfly fluttering freely in the sun whispers, “An angel is near.”

Angels are everywhere! Taking many forms, they convey their divine love.

It’s up to you to decode their heavenly message. As an angel in training, you are invited on a playful journey into the angelic realm. Summon your divine spirit. Laugh, breathe, release; only then will you too know the value of Angel Thinking.

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